Lastest news from CoReNum

libcrn 2.0 released!

Tue Sep 10, 2013

libcrn 2.0 fixes many bugs, adds new classes and features.

New features include:

  • Image: summed area tables, half derivatives, fast scan fill
  • Math: FFT
  • AI: spectral clustering, iterative clustering, A*
  • Helpers: functors, mutex and read-write locks

The API was modified to throw exceptions instead of returning values and most pointer arguments were replaced with references: users can now write much cleaner code.

We dropped autotools in favour of CMake to allow easier build on Windows and other platforms.

As ever, libcrn runs on Linux, Windows, OsX and Android.

A brand new Web Site

Fri Mar 2, 2012

CoReNum's Web site has been remade. Thanks to Creatic's know-how, it is now easier to navigate, more modern and dynamic. Do not hesitate to browse though the sections that contain new information and data. Stay tuned for more new features that will be announced soon!

libcrn ported to Android

Tue Feb 16, 2010

The combined efforts of the LIRISCoReNum and Orange Labs made it possible to port libcrn to Google Android, the operating system for mobile phones and tablets.

libcn is an open source software library for image processing. It brings together the expertise of the LIRIS' team Imagine and CoReNum. It enables the rapid development of solutions for image processing, detection of objects in images and their analysis and interpretation, incorporating the commonly used mathematical primitives.

Today a development platform for applications related to image processing on mobile devices is available! A wide range of products can be considered. Localization and transcription of text in images captured on the fly, analysis and recognition of environmental features (landscapes, plants, urban objects…) are just a few emblematic examples but not exclusive.

Download and try libcrn

Digitization and images

CoReNum's activites are in the sector of digitzation.

We operate at all levels of the process: before the shooting (quality, advice and counselong in the design of the project), at the time of shooting (image enhancement, light automatic indexing…) and during the exploitation of images (full indexing, transcription, etc.).

Digitizating like no other

The heart of our business is the promotion of written works (books, newspapers, archives, manuscripts…) regardless of their language, their writing and their age. This makes us stand out as compared to other players in the field who can only process recent printed documents in Latin alphabets.

CoReNum comes from a research laboratory in pattern recognition and computer vision. This origin allows us to offer products using advanced techniques and innovative new services.