libcrn, document image processing library

libcrn is an image processing software library under Lesser General Public License (LGPL). This license is free but non-contaminating.

libcrn is the industrialization of a know-how from research. Thus, its use minimizes the risks naturally associated with projects involving technology transfer from research to the industrial world.

libcrn's philosophy 

This is a toolkit aimed at facilitating the implementation of dedicated software for document image processing.

libcrn is stable and documented, easy to integrate into different software environments.

The ease of handling and maintainability are key priorities, particularly vis-à-vis the speed of execution.


libcrn is written in C++ and runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android.

It contains a resource manager (smartpointers) to prevent memory leaks. The containers provide iterators to ensure interoperability with the stl, genericity and ease of handling. For greater clarity, the behavior of objects is standardized: cloning data, saving and loading XML files, mathematical operators, etc.

Specialized classes can easily describe the structure of a document and navigate its various components.

libcrn contains many colour models for image description. Many image processing algorithms are directly applicable (convolution, mathematical morphology…). The library also provides generic tools for classification and clustering, such as nearest neighbors, the k-means or hidden Markov models.


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