Counseling and project management support

Design your digitization project

You want to promote a heritage, but how ..?

You want to give life to your ideas of digitization but you do not know where to start. Your ideas are bold but the technology is abstruse and you have difficulties in deciding what is realistic.

CoReNum performs feasibility studies on your behalf to echo your ideas in a practical and ambitious way.

You have ideas to promote your heritage…

Your goals have been identified and you are ready to get started in developing your project. You now have to choose the right partners and write a convincing case.

By means of advice and taking care of all or part of the expression of needs, CoReNum helps you formalize your project.

Your project is accepted

Once the agreement obtained, you will develop the project organization into its details. Drafting specifications is fundamental to best prepare the project.

CoReNum gives you assistance in this step of task descriptions and organization.

Drive your digitization project

Your project is about to start…

You lack the human resources or you prefer to concentrate on business aspects. However, you need a conductor to lead the project.

CoReNum can assume the role of project manager for you.

Your project is underway…

You do exceptionally face unforeseen difficulties, priorities must be reassessed and the project organization needs to be rethought.

We help you during critical moments to assist you in conducting your project.

Mission accomplished!

The execution of your project is at an end. You now enter the production phase but you know that a product still needs to evolve to meet changes in your business.

CoReNum helps you review your assets and maximize the life of your achievements.

Throughout your project, CoReNum backs you up

Whether as a counsellor or by providing management functions, CoReNum helps in developing the strategic dimension of the project.

Thanks to the central position of CoReNum's technical skills, we have the overview that can help you in all phases of execution of your digitization project.

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